Window and Door Repair

Spokane Windows and Doors repair

As with just about everything Windows and Doors get old. Sometimes the older they get the less function they have. Here are some common things to look for if you feel its time to upgrade your doors or windows.

  • First of all cosmetics: When doors or windows have been through years of abuse they can sometimes crack, dent or even rot, causing your home to look less attractive.
  • Sometimes operating old doors or windows can be a pain. Old wood windows that no longer open easily can provide a constant struggle for ventilation thoughout your home.
  • Sliding doors can even cause you strain just to open them due to old and worn out tracks.
  • Seals in the glass can sometimes be broken allowing moisture to get in and make it nearly impossible to see through, and of course glass windows can be broken.

If any of the things described above sound familiar to you it may be time to upgrade your windows and doors. Upgrading can greatly increase the beauty, functionality, and even value of your home.

We specialize in Idaho, Washington, and Spokane door, screen and window replacement and upgrades. We offer door, screen and window glass repair and making old homes look new again with our various energy saving products and services.

Contact us and we will give you a free estimate on how much it will cost to upgrade your home. As well as give you advice on remodeling for entirely new windows where none were before. ID , WA and Spokane windows and doors repair by River City Glass.