Andersen & Milgard Windows

Andersen Windows

andersen windows

  1. Andersen windows come with a Solid wood core.
    • Wood is a natural insulator.
    • Wood parts are sprayed with or dipped in water repellent.
  2. Perma-Shield System
    • Weather proofing system covers exterior wood for long lasting beauty.
    • It protects against weather, moisture, sun
    • Never needs painting
    • Available in 3 different colors.
  3. Weathertight design
    • Weatherstripping seals out drafts and dust.
    • Prevents the trapping of moisture.
  4. Insulating glass
    • All glass comes with Andersen High Performance features.
    • Reduces heat build-up and glare, reducing heating and cooling bills.

Patio Doors:

  1. Interior is natural clear pine wood, Oak or maple easy for stain or paint.
  2. Exterior has Perma-Shield system.
  3. Hinged model has a 3-way lock system, Sliding model has a reach out lock that seals the panel in the jamb.
  4. Stainless steel glide rails and rollers on Sliding model
  5. All doors come standard with Andersen High Performance Glass.



  1. Grilles are available on everything.
  2. Choose from several hardware models.
    • Hardware is tested 30,000 times by opening and closing.
  3. Art Glass is available as well. Customization:
  4. Aside from standard product line, Andersen is able to customize products to fit virtually any size and shape.



  1. Andersen Windows have a 20-year Limited Warranty for glass, 10-year Limited warranty for other products and components.
  2. Warranty is fully transferable if you sell or buy a home.
  3. The full cost of honoring the warranty is covered.

Double-hung Window:
A Window with two vertically sliding panels that pass each other in a single frame.

Casement Window:
A hinged window with a sash that cranks outward to the right or left.

Sliding Window:
A Window with two units at least one of which slides horizontally past the other.

Awning Window:
A window hinged at the top in which the bottom of the window swings outward.

Andersen Patio Doors:
Andersen pation doors come in either a sliding or hinged operating option.

Picture Window:
A large stationary window which is designed for maximum view without obstruction.

The Andersen Skylight is available in both a fixed unit as well as operational units. For operational Skylights remote sensoring is available.

Milgard Windows


  1. Vinyl will not crack, peel, or rot like other materials. And it will never need painted.
  2. Come with a 1″ or 3/4″ glass unit for energy efficiency and sound deadening properties.
  3. Fusion welded frame and sash. For added strength from the weather.
  4. Automatic locks that lock as soon as you close the window.
  5. On Sliders & Single hungs.
  6. Available in either White or Almond colors.
  7. Support all styles, Sizes, and Shapes.

Milgard Aluminum windows:

  1. Heavy duty Aluminum frames are tough and durable.
  2. They’ll never need painting.
  3. Ideal for any home in any climate.
  4. Available in either White or Bronze anodized paint.
  5. Support all styles, Sizes, and shapes.

Milgard Wood Windows:

  1. Uses vertical grain Douglas Fir.
    • Resisting dents, scratches
    • Accepts stains with ease.
  2. No staple or Nail holes.
  3. Exterior has pultruded fiberglass that protects against weathering.
  4. Custom Shapes, Sizes, And even grids available
  5. 3-different Hardware colors to choose from.
  6. They can be personalized to match any interior trim package.


All Milgard Windows come with a lifetime warranty. If anything ever goes wrong with a Milgard its covered, as long as the original owner or Purchaser of the windows lives there. Or up to 5 year transferrable. And a commercial comes with a ten year parts and labor warranty.

Customizable Windows
Milgard allows customization on there windows.Milgard Wood Windows
These windows give homes a beautiful natural look.Awning Windows:
Hinged on top of the window, Awnings tilt out to allow for ventilation.Picture Window:
This window is designed for maximum view without a center bar to obstuct vision.Single Hung:
These windows slide vertically and are reminiscent of old style sash windows.


Garden Aire
This window style projects out from the house. With an interior shelf to accommadate plants. Side vents slide vertically to allow ventilation.


Patio Doors:
Milgards sturdy patio door is desighned for a lifetime of easy operation.


A popular style in many homes they slide open horizontally.


Casement Windows:
Jamb hinges allow for the window to completely open outward like a door for maximum ventilation.


Spokane, WA and ID windows for the home. Idaho and Washington Andersen windows including awning, casement, double hung, sliding and picture windows. We also carry Andersen patio doors and skylights.

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